Gas Pack Prices

Homeowners the world round cringe when it is time to replace their HVAC system.  Why?  Simply put it is an expensive endeavor, not to mention the inconvenience.  Couple that with the fact that it is hard to find solid data on the pricing of HVAC systems and installation and you have a recipe for a lot of consternation.  That is where this site comes in.  This site was designed to allow for pricing information to be disseminated to the public and a baseline of sorts to be created for the consumer.  This site focuses solely on packaged units and we attempt to be a one stop shop for gas pack prices online.  If you are looking to replace your gas packaged unit or install a brand new system from the beginning you are wise to seek at least 3 price quotes to get an idea of the total cost.

What Impacts Gas Pack Prices?

So what are the factors that influence packaged unit prices?  To be sure the prices will change from HVAC installer to HVAC installer, but thankfully there are general factors that influence the costs of gas packs fairly equally.   Generally speaking the most common factors that influence gas pack pricing are:

1.       The quality of the packaged unit’s parts – as the part quality goes up the pricing usually increases.  At least you can take some solace in the fact that this also allows for your packaged unit to remain functional longer!

2.       The brand name on the side of the gas pack – highly thought of names like Lennox and Trane will require higher pricing due to their history as opposed to lower thought of companies like Payne and Goodman.  One thing to remember, however, is that with very few manufacturers actually making HVAC systems these days, the differentiation between brands is diminishing every day.

3.       How willing the public is to pay a premium for a specific gas packaged unit

gas-package-unit-prices-homepage-picturePerhaps even more influential than any of the above, however, is the size of the gas pack itself.  Simply put, the larger the gas pack the more it will cost!  Not rocket science, I know, but something to keep in front of you when you are pricing out these units.  And as I am sure you are rationalizing now, the larger the area you need to heat and cool, the larger of a gas pack your house will require.  Just remember that the size and pricing go hand and hand.  Especially with commodity prices going through the roof and China having a seemingly endless appetite for more!

Gas packs are designed for any application where you want the entire HVAC system to reside outdoors.  It is quite common for companies to have them installed on the roof, but in non industrial applications they are normally simply placed right outside the home on a concrete pad.  They are especially popular among places where there are no basements.

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